BA (Hons) Performance Art, Middlesex Polytechnic 1981.  Also courses with Daniel Stein, Philippe Gaulier, Mladen Materic, Mike Alfreds, Julien Crouch, Philip Osment, Katie Mitchell and Welfare State.

 2007  Certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Time-line Therapy


Co-founder and Artistic Director of TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY 1981, one of Britain's leading touring companies, specialising in bold visual theatre using masks, text, puppets and music.  I was involved in every production until July 2004, in a variety of roles, including director, performer, writer, composer, designer and script editor.  Published 'The Mask Handbook' (Routledge 2006).  Artistic Director of META MORPHO THEATRE CO 2011 - present




DATE              PROJECT                    ROLE                                                  COMPANY/S

2013/4    Lost Faith                              Writer/Director                     MetaMorhpo

2012      Ebbtide                                 Writer                                       Hazardous Y. Th

2012      Caucasian Chalk Circle         Director                                    West Sussex Y Th

2011       The BBC Childrens Prom/Aurora Orchestra                        Royal Albert Hall

2011       "Devil in the detail'               Writer/director                           MetaMorpho

2010       'Henry V                               Director                                     West Sussex Y. Th

2009      'Devil in the Detail'               Writer/Director                          Erzurum State Th

2008      'Private Peaceful'             Writer/director                           West Sussex Y. Th.

2007      '3 weddings 3 funerals     Writer/director                          Istanbul State Th

               and a bank job'

2006/7   'Little Pigs'
BBC Blue Peter Prom)                   Director                                    BBC TV

2005/6   'The Ofsted                         Writer/Director                         W.Sussex Y. Th
                                                                                                            (NSDF 3 awards)

2005      'Mary Seacole'                    Writer/Director                             OnO Theare Co (TIE)                                                                                                            

2005       'Science Fiction'                Director                                    Riverside new
                                                                                                               Opera Festival

2004       'Fool House'                       Writer/Director                         State Theatre,

2003       'Mzicar'                                Director                                    OnO Theatre Co (TIE)
   'Tonight We Fly'                 Director/Designer                  Trestle/PalaceTh

'The Stoneheads'               Writer/Director                        Trestle/National        

2002      'Blood and Roses'              Writer/Director                         Trestle

2002      'Island'                              Writer/Director                      Trestle. Nominated

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BesEnsemble and Actor,

                                                                                                                   Stage awards

2001             'The Marriage of                 Director                           Palace Opera

2000        'Bitter Fruit'                            Writer/Director           BCMG /John Woolrich                                                  

2000    'The Barretts of                     Director                                        Trestle
Wimpole St.'

 1999    'The Pilgrimage'                    Director                                    W. Sussex Y.Th

1998    'Beggar's Belief'                   Co-director &  Co-writer         Trestle/Kherson
                                                                                                  Puppet Th.                                                                                

           'Curlew River'                        Director                           Filmed for   BBC2                                                                                                                              Nom.   Venice                                                                                                                 TV  Awards

               'Briefs'                                    Director                                Shaker Productions                  

1997    'Fool House'                          Director/Designer                     Trestle. Fringe first
                                                                Writer/Composer                     winner

            'Curlew River'                        Director/Designer                     City of                                                                                                                             Birmingham                                                                                                                                                               Touring Opera

           Beyond The Blue                  Director/Co-writer                  Trestle/Britten
            (Music Theatre)                                                                       Conductor Nick
                                                                                                             Composer David

1996    'State of Bewilderment'           Co-director                        Sydney Theatre Co                         .                                                                                                                                
               'Passionfish'                          Co-director/Co-writer              Trestle.*****The


            'Top Storey'                           Director                                    Trestle.  Re-mount
                                                                                                                1987 production.

1995    'Goblin Market'                      Director                                    Trestle/BCMG &
                                                                                                                Aaron jay Kernis
            (Music Theatre)                                                                        composer.

            'Soldiers Tale'                       Director                                    Trestle/BCMG.
    Remount of 1992
            (Music Theatre )                                                                       production.

1994    'House of Straw'                   Co-director/Co-writer           Trestle/Millstream


            'Running Dogs'                      Director/Writer                         Trestle. 1st Prize                                                                                                                   Shanghai Fest 

1993    'Little Victories'                     Co-director                              Trestle/Quicksilver Th
                                                                                                                'Best Children's
                                                                                                                     Prod'  Time Out

1992    'State of                                  Composer/Performer                Trestle.
Bewilderment'                       Co-writer/Co-designer.

'Soldiers Tale'                       Performer/Co-director              Trestle/BCMG.
(Music Theatre)                                                                        Cond. Simon Rattle.

'The Edge'                             Co-director/Co-designer          Trestle.  Time Out
                                                            Writer and Composer               award for Best

'L'Amfiparnaso'                     Director and Designer               Trestle.

1989    'Ties That Bind'                     Co-director/Co-writer              Trestle.  Nom.                                                             Composer/Performer                Manchester
                                                                                                     Eve. News
                                                                                                     Best prod.

1987    'Top Storey'                           Co-writer/Co-director             Trestle.  Over 400 perfs
                                                            Designer /Performer                  worldwide.

1985    'A Slight Hitch'                       Performer/Co-writer               Trestle.  Over 250                                                                                                                 perfs worldwide.                                  

1984    'Plastered'                             Performer/Co-writer                 Trestle.  Over 300
                                                                                                                   perfs worldwide

1983    'Hanging Around'                  Performer/Co-writer               Trestle.  Performed in 18 countries.