Toby Wilsher....Director, Playwright, Author, Teacher, Business Coach, failed Rock God.....

Toby Wilsher is a theatre director, playwright, author, musician, a director of BOP training consultancy and a senior consultant with Mission Performance.
Toby co-founded TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY in 1981, and was it's Artistic Director until 2004.  Since then he has worked as a freelance director and playwright.   

 As a senior consultant with Mission Performance, he works with clients all over the world, developing and delivering bespoke training events focused on communication skills, leadership and team development (

With BOP he has developed Personal Impact coaching for clients, with a strong emphasis on Media Companies.  He also works in a freelance capacity.

Best of all, he plays in a band, EastHead.  Checkout the Facebook page to hear their sound and find out the latest gigs, or hear their first album, 'Lalala' at or on spotify, itunes etc.

CONTACT; 0771 4060532